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  1. Pesticide residues in food: quarterly monitoring results for 2018

  2. Peat usage in growing media production

  3. Avian influenza (bird flu) in Europe and in the UK

  4. Bathing waters in England: compliance reports

    • Defra
    • Research and analysis
    • Part of a collection: Bathing waters
  5. Newcastle disease in Sweden

  6. African swine fever in pigs in Central and Eastern Europe

  7. African swine fever in pigs in China

  8. African swine fever in wild boar in Belgium

  9. Bluetongue virus in Europe

  10. West nile virus in owls in Germany

  11. Classical swine fever in pigs in Japan

  12. Farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR): technology review

  13. Genetically Modified Organisms: list of deliberate release sites

  14. Genetically Modified Organisms: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (18/R51/01)

  15. Carrier bag charge: summary of data in England

  16. Bovine TB: badger control policy value for money analysis

  17. Chronic wasting disease: risk assessments

  18. Newcastle disease in Belgium

  19. Genetically Modified Organisms: University of Southampton (17/R50/01)

  20. Peste de Petits Ruminants (PPR) in sheep in Bulgaria

  21. Third Tranche of Marine Conservation Zones (Defra): RPC opinion

    • Defra and RPC
    • Research and analysis
  22. Bovine TB surveillance in Great Britain, 2013

  23. Genetically Modified Organisms: Rothamsted Research (18/R08/01)

  24. Qualitative risk assessment: risk of chronic wasting disease being introduced into Great Britain

  25. Bovine TB: area epidemiology reports, 2016

  26. Bovine TB: surveillance in wildlife in England 2016 to 2017

  27. Litter and littering in England 2016 to 2017

  28. Natural Capital Committee advice on government’s 25 year environment plan

  29. Farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR): guidelines on developing a contingency plan for 'breeds at risk'

  30. From waste to resource productivity: food waste

    • Defra and GO-Science
    • Research and analysis
  31. From waste to resource productivity

    • Defra and GO-Science
    • Research and analysis
  32. Zoonoses: UK annual reports

  33. Pesticides residues in food: School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme 2016 to 2017

  34. Local pollution control statistics

  35. UK breeds at risk from exotic animal disease outbreaks

  36. Avian influenza: lessons identified from the December 2016 to June 2017 outbreak

    • Defra and APHA
    • Research and analysis
  37. Farm animals: data from survey of slaughter methods

    • Defra
    • Research and analysis
  38. Equine infectious anaemia in Germany and the Netherlands

  39. Avian influenza (bird flu): epidemiology reports

    • Defra and APHA
    • Research and analysis
  40. Pesticide residues in food: quarterly monitoring results for 2016