The efficient management of healthcare estates and facilities (HBN 00-08)

Guidance for NHS trusts, foundation trusts and other NHS organisations on achieving efficiency savings and reducing costs in NHS estates.


This building note is split into two parts.

Part A outlines how efficiencies in the running of land and property can be achieved.

Part B provides more detailed advice about the active management of land and buildings used for healthcare services. It includes advice on:

  • general management of property including commercial opportunities for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff, and town planning
  • the selling of surplus property and where required the buying of additional property

Many topics in Part B will help NHS organisations to achieve the efficiencies outlined in Part A.

17 March 2015: Addendums to the building note added, providing guides to:

  • town planning for health organisations
  • the healthcare system in England for local planning authorities