Local air quality management: Technical guidance LAQM.TG(09)

This technical guidance document replaces three earlier versions, issued as LAQM.TG4(98), LAQM.TG4(00) and LAQM.TG(03).



This technical guidance document is designed to support local authorities in carrying out their duties under the Environment Act 1995, the Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002, and subsequent Regulations.

These duties require local authorities to review and assess air quality in their area from time to time. These Review and Assessments form the cornerstone of the system of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM).

Local Air Quality Management itself forms a key part in the UK Government’s and the Devolved Administrations’ strategies to achieve the air quality objectives. A general introduction to the system of LAQM is provided in the Policy Guidance documents.

All aspects of the technical guidance are brought together in this one document. This document supersedes all previous technical guidance documents.

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