FOI release

HR and payroll services at the DBS

Request for information about HR and payroll services at the Disclosure and Barring Service.



FOI request: 1356

  • the name of your current HR/Payroll Solution and Provider. If this is outsourced provide the name of your outsourcing provider
  • the date that the contract was signed with your HR/Payroll provider
  • the length of the current contract term for both HR and Payroll
  • when the HR and Payroll contracts are up for renewal
  • the current annual maintenance charges for your HR/Payroll solution
  • the original contract value of your HR/Payroll Solution
  • the name of the organisation providing implementation consultancy for the HR/Payroll solution
  • the day rate for consultancy to implement the HR/Payroll solution
  • the date that the HR/Payroll solution implementation project is expected to be completed in full
  • the number of payrolls run by your organisation, what each payroll is for and how many employees are paid within each payroll