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FOI request about referrals and minded to bar decisions

Percentage of referrals that resulted in minded to bar decisions and the outcome of of these decisions.



FOI: 1201

  • what percentage of referrals result in ‘Minded to bar’ decisions? How many of these decisions are overturned after representations from the referred party? Therefore, how many cases are upheld and the person barred? How many people have been referred, not subjected to a ‘Minded to bar’ decision or the ‘Minded to bar’ was not upheld, and subsequently gone on to offend and be barred? Could the statistics be annually for 2011 to date?

  • secondly, the Barring Service relies on the SVGA 2006, Sch 3, Part 3, 13.1. The interpretation by the Barring Service suggests that all information, whether accurate or false, forms part of any assessment by the Barring Service. Further, that there is no distinction as far as the Barring Service’s procedures are concerned? Is this an accurate picture of the approach? Does the Barring Service have procedures or a legal opinion or view to support this? If so, can copies provided?