Dementia-friendly health and social care environments (HBN 08-02)

Design principles for dementia-friendly environments in new healthcare buildings, and in the adaptation or extension of existing facilities.



The quality of the healthcare estate is vital for safe and efficient healthcare.

Health building note (HBN) 08-02 sets out the design guidance for dementia-friendly health and social care environments. The design principles, core design features and a selection of case studies provide guidance for the development of new design solutions and the adaptation or extension of existing facilities.

HBN 08-02 is intended particularly for those who are new to this topic, and to people living with dementia or their advocates who may be engaged as part of stakeholder engagement processes. It may also be helpful for commissioning organisations, auditors and regulators, giving an overall perspective of the dementia-friendly design issues that need to be addressed.

The HBN contains case studies from the Dementia Friendly Environments Programme. The outcomes of this programme are covered in the executive summary.

Published 25 March 2015