FOI release

Consultant legal advisor role in the Disclosure and Barring Service

Request for information about a consultant legal advisor role in the DBS.



Regarding the temporary CCL resource for a specialist legal advisor in Employment Law:

  1. What is the purpose and requirements specification for this role?
  2. From which budget will this be paid?
  3. Will this be paid for by DBS applicants from DBS Disclosure application fees or by other public funds?
  4. How much money has been set aside for this particular consultancy role?
  5. How does the DBS believe this represents good value for money for the taxpayer and/or DBS Disclosure applicants?
  6. How often, over the last 12 months, have we sourced advice from TSOL?
  7. What percentage of this advice relates to issues around employment law?
  8. What is the total cost to the DBS/ISA/CRB of the advice sourced over the last 12 months?