Statutory guidance

Basic Payment Scheme: guidance for 2015

Farmers claiming the Basic Payment Scheme in 2015 should read this guidance to find out what rules they need to meet.


Claiming common land - Basic Payment Scheme in England 2015

The Basic Payment Scheme in England: May 2015 guidance update


The Basic Payment Scheme in England 2015

Read this guidance to make sure you meet the scheme rules for 2015. It contains information on:

  • who can claim
  • what you need before you can claim (eligible land and entitlements)
  • what you need to do on your land

Spring and Winter Brassicas

Winter and spring varieties of brassicas count as separate ‘crops’ under the BPS ‘Crop Diversification’ rule. The list of winter brassicas shows which brassicas count as winter varieties for crop diversification. Any other brassica species will count as spring varieties.

Claiming common land

The way RPA treats common land has changed and the guidance on this page explains how to claim for common land under BPS (including in the New Forest).

This change could also affect people who claimed on common land under the old Single Payment Scheme. RPA have published an update to explain more about this policy change.

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Published 24 February 2015
Last updated 10 November 2016 + show all updates
  1. More information about FDM reimbursement
  2. Updated to add information on how common land payments are worked out
  3. Added information about the FDM reimbursement.
  4. Updated with new guidance and examples to explain in more detail how BPS 2015 payments are calculated (including reductions and penalties)
  5. Updated the Claiming Common Land booklet to include guidance about commons in the New Forest (a paper copy of this extra information has been sent to affected customers).
  6. Updated to link to more information about the change to common land policy for applicants who claimed common land rights under the Single Payment Scheme.
  7. Added 'The Basic Payment Scheme in England: May 2015 guidance update' to the page
  8. Updated common land guidance to Version 2.
  9. Added new guidance about claiming common land for BPS in 2015.
  10. Added Greening: EFA hedges next to fallow land, nitrogen-fixing crops or catch/cover crops document
  11. First published.