Mike Redhouse



Mike Redhouse is currently Principal of EMES Consulting, which he founded in 2002, helping many major organisations with their remuneration and benefits issues. Mike graduated in mathematics from the Open University, and his career included spells as a Full Equity Partner at Ernst and Young, and as Employment Policy Director at Diageo. Mike currently serves as a Trustee of the APEX Trust, which supports offenders returning to work, and as Chair of Trustees of St. Luke’s Hospice in Harrow.

Appointed: February 2014 (reappointed in September 2017) Term ends: September 2020

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The function of STRB is to consider matters referred to it by the Secretary of State for the Department for Education (DfE) in relation to the remuneration, professional duties or working time of school teachers in England and Wales. The Secretary of State can refer matters to STRB at any time. STRB reports to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education.