Professor Andy Dickerson



Andy Dickerson is Professor of Economics at the University of Sheffield. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Durham University, and his MSc and PhD from University of Warwick. After academic positions at the Universities of Kent and Warwick, he was appointed Professor of Economics at the University of Sheffield in 2006, and was Head of Department there from 2011 to 2015.

Andy is a Labour Market Economist. His research interests are focussed on wage determination and skills in the UK labour market, and on poverty and inequality. He has considerable experience in working with, and in producing policy-relevant research for a variety of government departments and non-departmental public bodies and third sector agencies. He is an editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations, an honorary fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, and was previously a visiting fellow at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

Appointed: August 2016 Term ends: July 2019

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The Member of the Prison Service Pay Review Body is to provide independent advice on the remuneration of governing governors and operational managers, prison officers and support grades in the England and Wales Prison Service.