Our governance

The main decision-making, executive and managerial bodies at Innovate UK.

Innovate UK Governing Board

Our work is overseen by a governing board, which sets overall objectives and direction. The board meets about 6 times each year.

For more information on the board, its members, meetings and business, please email the board secretary, Sophie.Dale-Black@innovateuk.gov.uk.


The members are:

  • Phil Smith, Non-executive Chair
  • Hazel Moore
  • Harry Swan
  • Tim Edwards
  • John Latham
  • Gerard Grech
  • Priya Guha
  • Simon Devonshire

UK Research and Innovation

From 1 April 2018, Innovate UK, the 7 Research Councils and Research England will come together under UK Research and Innovation.

When we move into this new organisation, we will be led by an Executive Chair, who will be supported by up to 12 council members.

Members will have expertise in research and innovation across higher education, industry and commerce, policy or civil society, and a range of different characteristics and professional backgrounds. Recruitment is underway.



Meeting minutes: September 2017 (PDF, 49.3KB, 4 pages)

Meeting agenda: September 2017 (PDF, 38.7KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: June 2017 (PDF, 64.9KB, 6 pages)

Meeting agenda: June 2017 (PDF, 42KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: March 2017 (PDF, 50.7KB, 4 pages)

Meeting agenda: March 2017 (PDF, 234KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: January 2017 (PDF, 345KB, 5 pages)

Meeting agenda: January 2017 (PDF, 314KB, 1 page)


Meeting minutes: December 2016 (PDF, 289KB, 4 pages)

Meeting agenda: December 2016 (PDF, 309KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: October 2016 (PDF, 478KB, 5 pages)

Meeting agenda: October 2016 (PDF, 249KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: June 2016 (PDF, 290KB, 5 pages)

Meeting agenda: June 2016 (PDF, 388KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: March 2016 (PDF, 323KB, 7 pages)

Meeting agenda: March 2016 (PDF, 319KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: January 2016 (PDF, 265KB, 5 pages)

Meeting agenda: January 2016 (PDF, 393KB, 1 page)


Meeting minutes: December 2015 (PDF, 413KB, 6 pages)

Meeting agenda: December 2015 (PDF, 42.2KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: October 2015 (PDF, 498KB, 10 pages)

Meeting agenda: October 2015 (PDF, 353KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: July 2015 (PDF, 289KB, 6 pages)

Meeting agenda: July 2015 (PDF, 334KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: June 2015 (PDF, 376KB, 7 pages)

Meeting agenda: June 2015 (PDF, 339KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: March 2015 (PDF, 335KB, 9 pages)

Meeting agenda: March 2015 (PDF, 361KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: January 2015 (PDF, 319KB, 8 pages)

Meeting agenda: January 2015 (PDF, 355KB, 2 pages)


2014 meeting minutes (PDF, 51.6KB, 2 pages)

Meeting agenda: December 2014 (PDF, 95.4KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: December 2014 (PDF, 382KB, 10 pages)

Meeting agenda: October 2014 (PDF, 79KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: October 2014 (PDF, 276KB, 13 pages)

Meeting agenda: July 2014 (PDF, 31KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: July 2014 (PDF, 147KB, 7 pages)

Meeting agenda: May 2014 (PDF, 28.9KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: May 2014 (PDF, 145KB, 7 pages)

Meeting agenda: April 2014 (PDF, 28.6KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: April 2014 (PDF, 184KB, 12 pages)

Meeting agenda: January 2014 (PDF, 33KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: January 2014 (PDF, 137KB, 8 pages)


Meeting minutes: December 2013 (PDF, 157KB, 9 pages)

Meeting minutes: October 2013 (PDF, 202KB, 12 pages)

Meeting agenda: July 2013 (PDF, 129KB, 2 pages)

Meeting minutes: July 2013 (PDF, 172KB, 9 pages)

Meeting minutes: May 2013 (PDF, 166KB, 8 pages)

Meeting minutes: March 2013 (PDF, 198KB, 12 pages)

Meeting agenda: January 2013 (PDF, 22.1KB, 1 page)

Meeting minutes: January 2013 (PDF, 178KB, 9 pages)


Meeting agenda: November 2012 (PDF, 19.8KB, 1 page)

Meeting agenda: July 2012 (PDF, 137KB, 2 pages)

Previous meeting agendas are on the relevant Innovate UK page on the National Archives

Innovate UK Executive Management Team

Our executive management team is responsible for implementing the governing board’s strategy and vision.

They lead a team of over 250 technologists, business specialists and support staff to make sure we meet our objectives.


The members are:

  • Dr Ruth McKernan CBE, Chief Executive
  • Kevin Baughan, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Sarah Vodden, Interim Operations Director
  • Mike Biddle, Programme Director - Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  • Simon Edmonds, Director - Manufacturing & Materials
  • Paul Mason, Director - Emerging & Enabling Technologies
  • Ian Meikle, Director - Infrastructure Systems
  • Ian Campbell, Director - Health and Life Sciences
  • Ruth Elliot, Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Nigel Townley, Director - IT & Business Change
  • Tim Sawyer, Chief Investment Officer

Annual Reports and Accounts

You can find links to our previous Annual Reports and Accounts below:

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