Military Stabilisation Support Group

The Military Stabilisation Support Group (MSSG) is a unique defence organisation that provides the UK with an array of skills and knowledge, that can be used to provide military support to the civilian efforts to stabilise countries around the world that are either emerging from conflict or are at risk of sliding into chaos.

The MSSG’s activities are in support of government departments, such as the Stabilisation Unit.

Whilst in many cases civilian experts are able to deliver the required effect, there are places where the security or political situation makes it preferable to use military personnel rather than civilians.

The Group is a ‘Hybrid’ made up of full-time Regular personnel from all three Armed services as well as part-time Reservists from the Territorial Army and Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

This blend enables the MSSG to make the most of the Regular’s capability to plan and respond to emerging crises and the Reservists’ civilian specialities and expertise.

Our unique selling points:

  • we are able to operate in theatres and environments inaccessible to civilian organisations
  • we are a hybrid organisation drawing our professional expertise from across the services – regular and reserves
  • we are able to shift and blend methodology between military and civilian thinking / behaviours due to this hybrid make-up

The MSSG is a military organisation; we are soldiers first and foremost, comfortable and tested in all the disciplines, capabilities and competences – but with selected civilian expertise.

Contact details

Military Stabilisation Support Group
Gibraltar Barracks
GU17 9LP

Telephone: 44+ (0) 1252863324

Contact details