Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Medway NHS Foundation Trust: trust details and documents.

Date authorised

1 April 2008

Regulatory action

Monitor has taken action, under the new licence for providers, to ensure that the trust deals with the continuing issues it faces.

19 August 2015

Monitor accepted a new set of enforcements undertakings under section 106 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (‘the Act’) from Medway NHS Foundation Trust. Monitor and the trust agreed that the enforcement undertakings dated 23 April 2013 & 14 August 2013 shall no longer have effect and Monitor issued a notice of withdrawal in respect of the discretionary requirements under section 105 of the Act, dated 22 November 2013 & 4 February 2014. The existing additional licence condition under section 111 of the Act, dated 22 November 2013 remains in place.

16 July 2013

The trust has been served notice that it will be put in special measures to fix failings in patient care and hospital governance identified by Prof Sir Bruce Keogh.

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