Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust: trust details and documents.

Date authorised

1 April 2007

Regulatory action

25 June 2014: Monitor removed the additional licence condition (4 September 2013) (PDF, 234KB, 4 pages) and the Trust is no longer subject to enforcement action from Monitor.

Dorset Healthcare University compliance certificate (PDF, 177KB, 1 page)

Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust - notice of requirement to appoint interim chair (7 October 2013) (PDF, 95.6KB, 2 pages)

17 June 2014: Monitor issued a certificate of compliance in respect of all of the Trust’s enforcement undertakings (23 April 2013) (PDF, 223KB, 4 pages) , apart from paragraph 1.6. This paragraph required the Trust to submit a Board-approved Governance Plan to Monitor within a set deadline, which was not met. Monitor accepts that this paragraph is now redundant, as Monitor took further enforcement action partly to address this failure through imposing an additional licence condition on 4 September 2013, and the Trust subsequently submitted a satisfactory Governance Plan.

Strategic plan summary

Operational plan

Annual reports



Sentinel House
Nuffield Road
Poole, Dorset
BH17 0RB


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