Ebola virus disease: clinical management and guidance

Guidance, resources and information for professionals about Ebola virus disease, a severe viral haemorrhagic fever (VHF).

Health professionals can contact Public Health England (PHE) for urgent and out of hours advice and support.

For media enquiries, contact the press office.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a rare but severe infection in humans and non-human primates. It is caused by the Ebola virus, a filovirus that:

  • was first recognised in 1976
  • has caused sporadic outbreaks since in several African countries

The first imported case of Ebola virus disease in the UK was reported on 29 December 2014.

These documents provide guidance for professionals. Members of the public can find information and advice on NHS Choices.

PHE continues to work with UK government colleagues, the World Health Organization, and other partners.

For more Ebola guidance and news, see Ebola virus: UK government response.


  1. Viral haemorrhagic fever: sample testing advice

    • Guidance
  2. Ebola: sample testing advice for laboratory staff

    • Guidance
  3. Imported fever service (IFS)

    • Detailed guide

Police, prisons and immigration removal centres

  1. Ebola: advice for immigration removal centres

    • Guidance
  2. Ebola: risk assessment in prison

    • Guidance
  3. Ebola: use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by police forces

    • Guidance
  4. Ebola virus disease: risk assessment at police custody suites

    • Guidance

Risk assessment and background information

  1. Ebola virus disease: risk assessment of outbreak in West Africa

    • Guidance
  2. Ebola: overview, history, origins and transmission

    • Guidance

Screening and testing activity

  1. Ebola virus disease: screening and testing activity

    • Research and analysis

Public awareness resources

Members of the public can find more information and advice on NHS Choices.

  1. Ebola: public health questions and answers

    • Guidance
  2. Ebola and infectivity: factsheet

    • Guidance
  3. Ebola: public awareness poster for healthcare settings

    • Promotional material
  4. Ebola: travellers arriving from West Africa via Accra leaflet

    • Promotional material
  5. Ebola: travellers returning from West Africa poster

    • Promotional material

Genetic research

  1. Ebola virus: genetic sequence information for scientists

    • Research and analysis