Connect to GovWifi

Follow these instructions to connect to GovWifi.

By connecting to GovWifi, you accept the terms and conditions, and our privacy notice.

GovWifi is a secure wifi service, developed by Government Digital Service (GDS). It’s currently in public beta, which means we’re still testing and improving it.

Get your username and password for GovWifi

If you’re using GovWifi for the first time, you need to sign up to get your unique username and password. You only need to do this once.

You can use the same username and password on all the devices you connect to GovWifi. You can connect work devices and personal devices to GovWifi. Once you’re set up, you can use GovWifi in any government building that offers it.

If you have a government email address

To sign up for yourself, send a blank email from your government email address to You’ll receive your username and password in reply.

To sign up one or more guests, send only their mobile number or email address to You’ll receive an email to confirm that a username and password has been sent to each of your guests.

You can invite more than one guest - add as many mobile numbers or email addresses as you want, on separate lines. The subject line is ignored, so you can leave it blank.

Guests can be from outside government.

If you don’t have a government email address

Look for posters with instructions on how to sign up by text message or ask the person you’re visiting to send an email to to give you access.

There is a different process if you want to configure GovWifi for your organisation.


  1. Connect to GovWifi using an Android device

Apple iOS

Apple macOS


  1. Connect to GovWifi using a BlackBerry

Chrome OS

  1. Connect to GovWifi using a Chromebook



Published 22 December 2016