Export processed poultry animal proteins (PAP) for animal food to Chile: certificate 4617

Use these forms and guidance document to export poultry-derived PAPs derived from protein, including poultrymeal, bloodmeal, feathermeal and in compound feeds to Chile for feeding to animals, excluding finished pet food.

What you need to do

Part 1: Export health certificate (EHC) and notes for guidance (NFG)

Download and fill in the EHC application.

Download the NFG.

The NFG document outlines checks the official veterinarian (OV) or authorised veterinarian inspector must carry out before signing the certificate.

Part 2: Export application form (EXA)

Exporters in England, Scotland and Wales must download and fill in the EXA.

Exporters in Northern Ireland must check the relevant commodity section of the DAERA website for any other mandatory forms.

Part 3: Submit your application forms

Exporters in England, Scotland and Wales should email their completed documents to:

Exporters in Northern Ireland should submit their completed documents using the DAERA online application system.

If you have questions call the DAERA helpline: 02877442060

Before you apply, make sure you have the most up to date version of the certificate as certificates are sometimes updated. The most up to date version will be on this page.

If you do not use the latest version, your application will not be accepted.

Published 29 November 2018