Women, Peace and Security in Yemen

This Violence Against Women and Girls report reviews the evidence on women, peace and security


Yemen consistently features at the bottom of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index, revealing significant gender differences in access to education, political and labour force participation and high levels of violence against women and girls (VAWG). Despite these challenges, women have seen impressive gains in terms of representation. For example the National Dialogue1 (2013-2014) which saw consistent and high levels of representation of women across delegates, stakeholders and committees, including in decision-making capacities.

This report has reviewed the evidence (and assessed the quality of the evidence) in relation to women, peace and security (WPS) in Yemen. It finds that women are active in multiple different ways to both influence the conflict and the peacebuilding efforts as well as negotiating and delivering relief to affected populations.


Kangas, A. and Stevens, S. (2018) Women, Peace and Security in Yemen, Helpdesk Research Report No. 158. London, UK: VAWG Helpdesk

Women, Peace and Security in Yemen

Published 1 February 2018