What we do

We handle county court claims for money made through the Money Claim Online service and the responses received. We do not handle claims made on paper forms.

We also provide a service for ‘bulk users’ eg credit card companies and utility providers to electronically file large volumes of county court claims for money.

We also handle:

  • challenges to orders of recovery after parking tickets and certain driving violations
  • deductions employers need to make from an employee’s pay after a court judgment against an employee

Who we are

We work together with county courts of England and Wales. We only handle the administration of cases. Cases which need a court hearing will be heard by a District Judge or Circuit Judge in a county court.

We are based in Northampton. We are separate from the Northampton Combined Court.

Court information

Contact the Northampton County Court Business Centre

General enquiries

Northampton County Court Business Centre
St Katharine's House
21-27 St Katharine's Street
United Kingdom


0300 123 1056


01604 619 400

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