Professional and Career Development Loans


1. Overview

Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans to pay for courses and training that help with your career or help get you into work.

You may be able to borrow between £300 and £10,000.

Loans are usually offered at a reduced interest rate and the government pays interest while you’re studying.

How to apply

  1. Find out which banks offer the loan and order an application pack by calling the National Careers service on 0800 100 900 (find out about call charges) or request a call back

  2. Fill in the application form and send it to the bank.

  3. The bank will decide if you qualify for a loan.

  4. You take out the loan with the bank and agree to their repayment conditions.

You should apply 3 months before your course starts to give the bank enough time to process your application.

Check with your benefits office before you take out a loan as it can affect the benefits you’re entitled to.

2. Eligibility

Who can apply

To apply you must:

  • be 18 or over
  • have been living in the UK for at least 3 years before your course starts
  • plan to work in the UK, European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) after the course

Which courses qualify?

Courses must:

  • only last up to 2 years, or 3 years if they include 1 year of work experience
  • be provided by an organisation on the Professional Career and Development Loan Register - check with your course provider
  • help with your career - they don’t have to lead to a qualification

You can’t get Professional and Career Development Loans for first full-time degrees but you can apply for student finance.

3. Repayments and interest

Interest on the loan

Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans that have to be paid back. You start repaying the loan (plus interest at a reduced rate) 1 month after leaving your course.

The government pays the interest while you study and for 1 month after you leave your course. After this time, you start repaying the loan and interest.

You have to repay your loan even if you don’t complete the course or your course provider goes out of business.