Coast to Capital Growth Equity Fund - Surrey and Sussex

Equity investment for small and medium-sized businesses in Surrey and Sussex

How much you can get

£50,000 to £200,000

Who it’s for

Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with:

  • headquarters or premises in Surrey and Sussex
  • existing sales and customers or short term prospects for making such sales
  • a credible business strategy to deliver significant growth
  • a viable product or service with clear market potential
  • a sustainable competitive advantage with supporting intellectual property rights
  • a committed management team with relevant backgrounds
  • financial projections clearly showing where the money would be spent
  • a realistic exit strategy which could be achieved within 5 years

Maximum employees


What you can get

You can get equity investment such as:

  • preferred ordinary shares
  • a convertible loan note


The FSE Group

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Published 20 March 2017