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Get a general or specific movement licence from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) if you want to move animals onto a holding in Northern Ireland.


When moving animals in Northern Ireland:

  • you’ll need a licence for each type of animal
  • you must not move cattle, goats, pigs, sheep, deer, llamas or alpacas from a holding if another animal has arrived in the last 6 days - unless the animal has been kept in isolation, or if the movement was licenced by DARD

You’ll also need a licence if want to move an animal to or from a licensed ‘isolated facility’.


If you’re a dealer, you’ll need a licence from DARD to move livestock to and from a trading premises. You must also:

  • move the animal directly from the trading premises to its destination within 6 days of its arrival at the trading premises (the destination can’t be a market, collecting centre, other trading premises or place used to sell or trade animals)
  • keep your records correctly

You must keep the following records:

  • registration of the vehicle used and name of the person transporting the animals
  • name, address, and holding number of the seller, the date of purchase, breed and gender of the animal
  • name, address and holding number of the buyer
  • date of sale, breed and gender of the animal and its premises of destination
  • individual animal identification number

Records must be kept for:

  • 3 years for pigs
  • 4 years for sheep or goats
  • 10 years for cattle, llama or alpaca

You must show your records to a DARD inspector if asked.

How to apply

You can get more information about movement licences from the DARD website.